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Compendium of Published Works by James R. Lint V5

Compendium of Published Works by James R. Lint


Secrets to Getting a Federal Government Job Kindle Edition and Paperback JAN 2017.  By James R. Lint and Anna H. Lint (Book #3)
Co-Authored with Dr. Anna Lint, “8 Eyes on Korea, A Travel Perspective of Seoul, Korea.”  Multiple perspectives of Korea from both Americans and Koreans. JAN 2016. All proceeds go to charity.  Great contributors!
Leadership and Management Lessons Learned: A Book of Management Vignettes.” See  ALL proceeds will go to charity.

  • (2019)  (More to be published soon)
  • (2019)  
  • (2019)  
  • (2019)  
  • (2019)  
  • (2019)  
  • (2019)  Foreign Intelligence Officers May Use Trade Shows To Gain Information (Coming Soon..looking for a location for publishing.)

*Reprint in:  The Vanguard Journal of the Military Intelligence Corps Association

TOTAL for 2016 is 36 articles and 1 book
·         (2016) 3 Reasons Not to Send an Introductory Letter to a Federal Hiring Manager (2,200+ )

      (2016)  CES 2017 to Feature New Wearable Technology

·         (2016) Vegas Conventions: Networking Events for Learning and Enjoyment

 (2016) Create Your Life Plan Like a Business Plan

·         (2016) Benefits of Careers in the Federal Government
·         (2016)  Virtual Reality Applications for the Military and Homeland Security
·         (2016) DevLearn 2016 Puts Spotlight on Creative Learning Technologies
o    (2016)  Credit Card Skimmers: How Safe is Your Card?
o    (2016)  DevLearn Conference Provides Valuable Management Tips
o    (2016) Protecting Data and Guarding Information Privacy Professional Series (Chris Stevens)
o    (2016) How Cybercrime Might Affect the 2016 Election Results

o    (2016) Presidential Scandal Throws South Korean Government into Turmoil     &
o    (2016) South Korean President Proposes Constitutional Changes 
o    (2016)  How a Purple Pen Brought Cohesion to the Defense Intelligence Agency
o    (2016)  Business Lessons from a Cybersecurity Startup 

o    (2016) Recognizing and Combating Cybercrime
o    (2016)  Reducing National Debt Should Be on Next President's Task List
o    (2016)  The Next President’s Task ListDefeat ISIS on the Battlefield
o    (2016) How a Purple Pen Brought Cohesion to the Defense Intelligence Agency
o    (2016)  Infragard: Helping the Nation's IT Security Professionals
o    (2016)  Cybersecurity Protects Our Continuously Connected Lives
o    (2016)  New Business Failure: The Importance of Retaining Focus When Launching A Business 
o    (2016)   Why Do We Have A National Cyber Security Awareness Month?  

o    (2016) 5 Strategies that Transitioning Military Can Use for the Federal Job Hunt

o    (2016) An Analysis of 2016’s Cyber Threat Landscape

o    (2016)  Edward Snowden and the Legal Methods of Reporting Complaints
o    (2016) Government Misuse of Credit Cards Affects National Security
o    (2016) Protect Yourself from Fraud in the Business World
o    (2016) ‘BSides’ Las Vegas Offers Fresh Cybersecurity Insights from Industry Leaders
o    (2016) It’s Time For DEF CON: Where’s Your Computer Security Expert?
o    (2016) Maritime Security, Data Science Applications Discussed at BSides Las Vegas 
o    (2016)  Military History: North Korea’s Surprise Attack, An Important Lesson in Battle Preparation
o     (2016)  North Korea’s June 25 Surprise Attack: An Important Lesson in Battle Preparation
o    (2016). James R. Lint and Dr. Anna Lint. Article about book:  8 Eyes on Korea, A Travel Perspective of Seoul, Korea. Link
o    (2016 March)  Writing from Experience, Guest Post by James R. Lint
o    The Lessons Of International Travel Can Help With Career 8, 2015 -
o    Intelligence Pros – Join an Association  July 2015
o    (2014). Why culture knowledge matters for national security.
o    Link
o    (2013). Leadership and Management Lessons Learned, A Book of Management Vignettes
o    Link
o    James R. Lint and Timothy W. Coleman. Sequester And Furloughs: It’s Discount Espionage Time (2013).
o    Link
o    James R. Lint and Brian K. Ferguson. Safeguarding Md and APG in time of discount espionage (2013) – page 7
o    Link
o    (2010). Commentary: OPSEC-60 Years and Counting, Remembering the Korean Conflict
o    Link
o    (2010). Feedback Can Help Connect the Dots: IIR Evaluations for Love and Analysis
o    Link
o    (2009). Memories of a day in June. A Story about Security and Intelligence Failure in June 1950 and thoughts of Security and Intelligence professionals today.
o    Link
o    (2004). Book review of “In the Devil’s Shadow, UN Special Operations During the Korean War,” by Michael E. Haas – page 62
o    Link
o    (2003). Intelligence in Support of Strategic Signal Units – page 40 
o    Link
Published at Military1 (2014-2015) security/
Jan 23, 2014 ... James J. Gotlewski, B company commander, 416th Civil Affairs Group, during an engagement exercise April 11, 2006, at the Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk, La. (US Army photo by Spc. Joshua R. Ford). By Dr. Anna H. Lint, Trident University International, and Professor James R. Lint, ...
Dec 29, 2013 ... By James Lint. Edward Snowden has been in the news for giving both China and Russia classified information. Most people would claim that what he did is wrong or even treasonous, but Snowden sees his actions very differently. In speaking to The Guardian, he explained his reasons for disclosing the ... you/
Mar 5, 2015 ... By Kyle Kennison, student, and James R. Lint, faculty member, at American Military University. There is a friendly competition and some banter about which branch of service is the best. But, which is the right career choice for you? The fact is that each branch of the service is critical to our national security. -professional-association/
Jun 5, 2015 ... By James R. Lint, faculty member at American Military University. Professionals should join associations to build professional development and ... business-leadership/
Mar 12, 2014 ... By James R. Lint. Many of the leadership traits learned in the military are as applicable in the business world as they are in one's personal life. veteran-benefit/
Jun 18, 2014 ... James R. Lint is as an Adjunct Professor at American Military University. He served in the United States military for over 20 years, in both the US Marine Corps and US Army. Lint served as Deputy Director for Safeguards & Security, Office of Science, at the Department of Energy. And prior to that, he served ...

These thoughts are mine alone and do not represent my current employer or any previous employers.  These thoughts do not contain information of an official nature.

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Dec 29, 2013 - The DoD Hotline, 1-800-424-9098 (unsecured line), is a great place to start. ... James R. Lint is as an Adjunct Professor at American Military  ...

Mar 5, 2015 - Air Force One is the air traffic control designation for any plane on which ...James Lint recently retired as the civilian director for intelligence and  ...

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